20 years of Sportfishing excellence

Experience the mighty Fraser and the unbelievable diversity this region provides

Guests from around the globe flock to the Fraser valley each year to participate in one of the best managed catch and release opportunities. Swiftwater Guiding provides anglers with Sturgeon, Salmon and Trout fishing opportunities annually throughout the province

The  province of British Columbia is world renown for its rich Sport fishing heritage, world class fisheries and of course the giant sturgeon that reside within the Fraser. The Fraser river supports all five species of salmon, Sturgeon, trout and Steelhead annually. It has boasted the worlds largest salmon runs and spans the majority of the province.

The Fraser river sturgeon are the epitome of freshwater angling. British Columbia is one of the last places on earth you can fish for truly wild, freely migrating white sturgeon. Our guides have been providing world class encounters for over 2 decades. You can book your trip in confidence knowing that you will be fishing with guides that are experts in chasing these giants.

Swiftwater guides all species that reside in our area

Wild Salmon

B.C is a premier destination for salmon anglers from around the world. We offer saltwater and freshwater sports fishing for salmon. Our freshwater trips take place locally on Fraser tributaries and our saltwater trips run off the west coast of Vancouver island

Giant Sturgeon

Sturgeon charters are a way of life for us, we provide sportfishing opportunities year round and fish from the canyon to the mouth of the Fraser. Guest will be fishing out of comfortable, covered jet boats that are large and spacious. Our boats are designed specifically to provide the best.

Chrome Steelhead

Fraser Valley steelhead fishing is a winter fishery for the most part. We target fresh migrating steelhead with fly or conventional tackle. All our steelhead trips are raft adventures to allow us to avoid busy areas and keep guests fishing throughout the day.

Covid 19 Update

We have been granted the opportunity to open for business!

We have worked with industry and local governments to update our safety protocols and processes to provide fishing based tourism once again.

You can book your trip with confidence that you are in a safe environment

Welcome Back!