Fishing report Feb 01, 2021

Its Steelhead season here in the Fraser Valley!!

This season has been a great start to our local steelhead fishery, there is good amounts of fish in the system and we are seeing a fairly good average size to the fish. The local sport shop derbies are reporting a lot more fish in their daily weigh ins. This is great to see as last season was a bit of a struggle for a lot of anglers.

In my observations this season it really seems that we have better fishing conditions this year over last. I’m biased though, My personal favorite water condition is high and fairly murky. I love the challenge of finding fresh fish in a river that is just on the drop of recent rain events. Our guests will attest to the frequency of me getting to hold off until we have the right conditions. We are booking steelhead trips now for the month of April or for 2022 as we are full for the early part of this season.

Sturgeon trips right now have been very consistent. We have found fish on all our outings so far this winter. We do not target sturgeon heavily at this time of the year as its not a terribly busy time for travelling anglers to join us. We do however head out frequently to fish for a few hours and stay current with what is going on. We do a lot of tagging at this time of the year and provide information to the fraser sturgeon conversation society. We have supported this program since the beginning and will hopefully be able to continue for many years to come.

Local Saltwater fishing has been fair this winter. We have been out a couple times and had a few opportunities each outing. It is always a nice day out and we look forward to the fresh prawns that we get in the process. Its still early in the winter fishery and the best time is still to come. We will be adding crab and prawns to the program during the winter time so there is always a nice bounty after salmon fishing. If you are interested in getting out for this give us a call as we are steadily building our calendar for the season.

Current Corona Virus status – Yes we are providing charters now, You must be local and family at the moment. We have been working with Worksafe B.C to develop a highly structured and safe venue that keeps guests secure and minimizes risk. Guests will be required to wear masks while on the water and we are sanitizing all working surfaces and seating areas multiple times a day.  This is certainly not our preferred way to spend a day on the water but we would rather wear a mask and fish than not!!

I look forward to fishing with you this season

Kind regards


Fishing Report June 17th

Covid 19 Update

Swiftwater Guiding acknowledged the challenges Canada faced due to the Covid 19 pandemic. During this time we chose to halt business to protect our guests and families.

We are once again providing Sportfishing tourism in the Fraser Valley. We have a robust Covid 19 safety plan developed to keep you safe.

June 1st was the beginning of when we were able to provide charters again. We have been on the water a few times and it has not been very busy. We are now starting to fill up the rest of the month. We are now actively booking guests for the remainder of the season.

Local salmon fishing has been very good for catch and release Chinook fishing and we are starting to see a few coho arrive. If you are interested in salmon fishing now is the time to begin planning your trip as we fill up quick for this opportunity.

We are now fully booked for our west coast camp package. We are taking bookings for 2021-2022 seasons. This package books quickly and is one of our most popular choices through the season. Please give us a call or request information and we will send out your info pack.

I look forward to fishing with you this season and hope you are all staying safe.

Kind Regards


Fishing Report March 10th

We have been on the water periodically the last few weeks. We have been fishing sturgeon primarily. The fishing has been pretty good on the days we have been out. We are still seeing many juvenile fish which is great. During the early spring we will start to see the beginning of the sturgeon season. The water is pretty cold right now but is starting to warm up. We are only a few short weeks away from some of the best sturgeon fishing of the year.

During this time of year we really focus on small sturgeon. We provide a lot of data to the angling guides association and the sturgeon conservation society. This tagging work is crucial to develop good management.

Volunteers of BCWF with a freshly tagged sturgeon.

Dave with a nice steelhead

We have been steelhead fishing regularly and have found great success. There are lots around this year and there has been good conditions.Steelhead fishing will continue into mid April.

fishing report Jan 24th

Winter Steelheading at its finest

Fishing report for the 3rd week of January. We have been fishing a few times over the last week and the fishing has been slow due to conditions, It has been very cold and mainly snow and this has caused the river to drop last week. The beginning of this week has been much more favorable and a few fish have been hooked. it has been a normal start to ours steelhead season as there is usually a slow period in the beginning of January.

Current weather patterns right now are very favorable for local steelhead fishing. we have good water conditions and nice water levels. The first big push of steelhead should show up any day. We have a few dates available still in the mid February time frame.

We use a whitewater style raft on all of our winter steelhead trips. This allows our guests to enjoy a full day of fishing on the water without having to walk to and from runs all day. Steelhead fishing is about efficiently covering water throughout the day, The raft allows us to do this very effectively

We have not been on the Fraser for the last few weeks due to the cold weather we have had. The main river had too many ice chunks flouting down to provide safe passage. We will be heading out within the next week or so to tag some fish for the sturgeon conservation society. If you are interested in participating in this please let me know and we can arrange for you to join us for a day.

If you are interested in a day on the water we can be reached at 1-604-852-0744. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message through our contacts page.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly spending the day on the water together.