Fishing Report March 10th

We have been on the water periodically the last few weeks. We have been fishing sturgeon primarily. The fishing has been pretty good on the days we have been out. We are still seeing many juvenile fish which is great. During the early spring we will start to see the beginning of the sturgeon season. The water is pretty cold right now but is starting to warm up. We are only a few short weeks away from some of the best sturgeon fishing of the year.

During this time of year we really focus on small sturgeon. We provide a lot of data to the angling guides association and the sturgeon conservation society. This tagging work is crucial to develop good management.

Volunteers of BCWF with a freshly tagged sturgeon.

Dave with a nice steelhead

We have been steelhead fishing regularly and have found great success. There are lots around this year and there has been good conditions.Steelhead fishing will continue into mid April.

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